A Peek at Boxing Betting for Online Bettors in New Zealand

A Peek at Boxing Betting

Modern boxing as a sport has evolved from its early genesis in Ancient Greece where the first organized sporting event can be recorded as far back as B.C 688.

Later on, from about the mid 16th to 18th century, boxing started to evolve rapidly in Great Britain as a prized fighter sport.

Boxing Categories

Fighters step up to the plate in various weight classes and divisions in an attempt to render their opponent incapable of continuing in the fight.

Boxing incorporates various divisions and weight classes, all of which allow for intense boxing betting options.

Weight class divisions are ranked in accordance with a fighter’s weight. These ranks ensure a more competitive fight between fighters of the same stature, allowing for aggressively entertaining boxing betting.

Weight classes start at minimum and flyweight, moving all the way up to heavyweight Contenders in which there are no boundaries for a fighter’s total weight.

Betting on Amateur Boxing

Amateur boxing is where young inexperienced fighters step up to make their mark in the ring.

Also known as Olympic boxing due to its involved presence in the Olympic games, Amateur boxing avails itself to big hitting boxing betting.

Amateur boxing is where world champions are bred. With a prized selection of hungry fighters amateur boxing betting has the potential for lucrative winnings.

Punters from New Zealand will be thrilled by the outstanding boxing betting options within the division, contested at major international sporting events such as the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games, World Championships and the Pan American Games.

The Professional Division

The game changing world of professional boxing typically features longer rounds that can see a match last anywhere from six up to twelve rounds.

Fighters do not wear protective headgear and the punishment is usually intensely more severe.

Professional boxing allows for a vast assortment of boxing punting with longer round sets and fighters going blow by blow at one another, punters in New Zealand will be thrilled by the boxing betting opportunities within the division.

Boxing Betting Types

Boxing Betting Types

With big hitting, intense fist swapping combat, boxing and boxing betting remains simple.

Nearly all bookmakers will offer punters an assortment of six boxing punting types.

Punters should stick to simple basics and make use of the most straightforward boxing betting types.

Bet on the Winner

Outright winner bets on boxing, like any other sport is the most straightforward type of boxing betting. Punters simply stake the fighter that is most likely to win the bout.

Kiwis should research opponents and follow their individual progress in the sport to continue placing valuable outright boxing betting options.

Knock out or Judgement

Punters in New Zealand should consider wagering on the winning method. Here Kiwis have the opportunity to make a call in how the bout will end. Knock out or judgement, having prior knowledge of boxing betting and boxing as sport is essential in this wagering method.

Totals Boxing Betting

The bookmaker will forecast a total number of rounds. Punters of desktop, Android or iPhone betting then have the opportunity to wager on the outcome that is based on over or under the total amount set out by the bookmaker.

Bet on the Rounds

Round boxing betting allows for a more quick fire approach to betting on the sport. Punters can bet on a specific player to win the round. Round boxing betting is popular in live betting domains.