Online Free Slots Introduced for Casino Players

Online Free Slots Introduced for Casino Players

There are several good reasons why slots are perennially among the most popular casino games. For a start, they are probably the easiest game to learn to play in a casino, with no complicated rules or betting structures.

All a player has to do is place a bet and spin the reels, and the rest happens automatically. Secondly, although the odds against the player are pretty tough on a single spin, slots pay back almost all the money bet on them over time, and they do cater to making many small-stakes bets on multiple payout lines. However, they tend to pay back money infrequently, albeit in substantial amounts (hence the game’s high payout percentages overall), through progressive jackpots.

So the slots strategy that shows the best success is to pick a machine and keep playing it for small stakes for as long as possible, until a jackpot payout is hit that allows the player to leave with a profit. With slots games now available to almost anyone, almost anywhere, via mobile and online casinos, this strategy is made easier to follow by the two types of free online slots games.

Do Free Online Slots have a Catch?

First, it is important that pokies players understand that “free online slots” come in two forms. Free casinos online cater to those slots players who play purely for the fun of beating the odds and don’t want to wager real money. Bets and winning payouts at free casinos are handled only in credits, not money, so a player can play free slots online at these sites for as long as they like, and never risk any cash. However, this doesn’t mean that slots players at free casinos never win anything more substantial than the fun of playing; free slots games of this type can furnish real rewards.

A committed free online slots player can rack up some substantial credit balance over time, and most free online casinos hold regular lucky draws, for which players are only eligible if they have collected sufficient credits. Lucky draws and sweepstake allow them to win actual money or other prizes, so there are benefits to free online slots play that go beyond the satisfaction of beating the odds.

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Free Online Slots for Real Money

The other sort of online casino is the real-money version, catering to players who do want to risk real money using MasterCard etc., if it means they can win more in return or lose. With hundreds of real-money casinos online, the fierce competition for players means that these casinos offer frequent free-play bonuses to attract new players, or to introduce existing players to new games.

Free online slots spins will often be featured in these bonus packages, and although the player won’t have to pay for the bet, they do get to keep any winnings they might make on free online slots spins after meeting with conditions. Because success at slots depends so often on being able to play the same machine repeatedly until it pays out, using free online slots bonuses in real-money casinos is a good way for players to extend playing time and thus give themselves more chances at a big win.